Tailor-made flavours

We tailor-make any flavour to your needs

Fromatech takes great pride in developing tailor-made flavour solutions together with our customers. In this way, we create unique flavour solutions, taking into account specific wishes and requirements of our customers.

Each country, region, and culture has its own preferences in food and drinks. Whether it's the type of food and drinks, the preferred flavour profiles, or differences in food legislation, each of our customers has its own requirements when we develop their flavour solutions. As a flavour house active in more than 70 countries worldwide, we can adapt to every challenge our customers give us. We know that developing the perfect flavour solution involves more than just choosing the right flavour!

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What we offer

Flavour solutions for the complete food and beverage industry

Fromatech Ingredients creates, produces and delivers flavours for the complete food and beverage industry. Our customers markets range from snacks to sports nutrition, and from confectionery to dairy, cheese & alternatives.

Research & Design

Our innovations

By keeping track of the latest trends, innovations and regulations in the food & beverage industry, our R&D department creates both traditional flavours as well as new and innovative flavours.

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Production & Quality

Our certifications

Fromatech Ingredients is FSSC 22000 certified and works exclusively with certified suppliers. We are also Halal certified and have separate production units to comply with these dietary laws.

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We adapt to our customers' wishes

Thanks to our in-house laboratories, we are capable of developing countless flavours in line with the latest trends and developments.

Fromatech’s highly qualified specialists create unique and custom-made flavours and flavour solutions. Our research & development team includes flavourists, food technology experts and analytical scientists.

Our flavourists work with a wide selection of tools like natural ingredients like natural ingredients, flavour chemicals oils and extracts to create the ultimate and perfect combination, taking into consideration the requirements of the end-customers in the various countries and cultures.

Our application laboratory is the perfect setting for assessing the final product’s smell, taste, texture and appearance, both on its own and when eaten with other foods, in a secure and exclusive environment.

Are there any specific dietary or regulatory requirements your products need to meet? No problem! Fromatech can develop flavour solutions that are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and more. We can also produce and develop flavour solutions that are Halal suitable. Fromatech is Halal-certified and has separate production units for Halal products.

Our R&D team frequently organise on demand, specific in-house tranings and seminars for our customers with regards to specific flavouring trends and developments.


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