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Fromatech Ingredients B.V. , founded in 1995, started with the development and production of special blends of cheese powders. As the company grew, customers also asked for cheese flavours, followed by other flavours.

Over the years, Fromatech has become an international player in the food and beverage industry, well known for its high quality, reliability, and uniqueness of its products, as well as its personal approach in dealing with customers and international business partners.

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Research & Design

The in-house laboratories allow us to develop countless flavours in line with the latest trends and developments.

Most of the products you consume contain added flavours, either to enhance the taste, mask the off-taste or to give an own identity to the product. Somtimes they are added because of their functional properties. Most of all, flavours are added to meet consumer expectations. Thanks to our in-house laboratories, we are capable of developing countless flavours in line with the latest trends and developments. Our application laboratory is the perfect setting to assess the final products' smell, taste, texture and appearance.

In house flavourists

Working with a wide variety of tools and ingredients, our in-house flavourists create unique and custom-made flavours and flavour solutions.

Food technology experts

Our research & development team frequently organises on-demand, specific in-house trainings and seminars for our customers, with regards to specific flavouring trends or developments.

Analytical scientists

Our flavourists have had the best education and training to work with the most sophisticated equipment in our laboratories, to develop your products and do all necessary analyses of raw materials and end-products, in order to maintain the stability and overall quality.

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Production & Quality

Fromatech works with certified ingredients and suppliers

Fromatech Ingredients' quality assurance & control team works according to the latest international quality and hygiene regulations using modern equipment. The team monitors the quality of our processes and products continuously and takes action if necessary. Fromatech produces custom-made recipes and can satisfy specific dietary requirements, such as vegan and gluten-free, on request. Our modern production facility is specifically designed for maximum efficiency and short lead times.

Short lead times
High degree of efficiency
Modern production facility

FSSC 22000


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Our organisation

At Fromatech, all flavours are developed in its own laboratories and produced at its own production location. Fromatech’s customers come from all over the world and are active in one or more of the following sectors:

  • Bakery
  • Beverages
  • Chocolate & confectionery
  • Dairy, cheese & alternatives
  • Desserts & ice cream
  • Meat, fish & alternatives
  • Convenience foods & side dishes
  • Sauces, oils & vinegars
  • Snacks
  • Sports Nutrition

Fromatech’s headquarter is located in the south of the Netherlands. Here we develop the products in several laboratories, do the testing and have meetings with our customers to create their final taste together. In our production location, located not far away from Eindhoven, we produce all of our products and handle the logistics to arrange, if required, even a door-to-door delivery.

Further sales offices and application laboratories have been set up in several countries, where customers can get local support and do application tests together with our local food technologists. Fromatech’s offices all serve specific market areas, offering customers new product ideas, trials, and technical sales support. In addition, Fromatech works with selected partners and distributors worldwide.

Key in all this is our flexibility and reliability with a focus on continuous innovation, with and for our customers in more than 70 countries each and every day.


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