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Sitting together for a Christmas day meal is a worldwide tradition, but what is served during the festive season differs from country to country. Below some traditions and flavors explained.

Europe has an extensive history with this particular holiday and each country has diverse ways of preparing and enjoying traditional Christmas dishes. In West Europe we eat quite traditional dishes like roast turkey or chicken with various side dishes and exclusive desserts. In the Scandinivian countries it is common to eat duck or goose. In South Europe, fish or roast lamb is on the menu. And in East Europe it is tradition to eat fresh caught fat fish like carp or salmon.

Things aren't different during Christmas as Arabs who celebrate the holiday come together to make decades-old recipes created for or popularly consumed during the occasion. These meals vary from lamb to beef, stuffed turkey or chicken with various cheeses, mezze, soups and salads.

In India people eat various dishes like roast chicken, curry with pork, cakes and other sweet desserts.

Some of the most eccentric Christmas traditions belong to Asian nations. The Japanese turn up on Christmas Day with a bucket of the colonel’s finest fried chicken. Christmas is big in the Philippines with roasted skewed pig, cooked over flaming charcoals with yellow noodles and Edam cheese. A signature dish of the Korean Christmas feast is the brilliant beef bulgolgi. Accompanying side dishes are often extensive and varied, but most commonly include sweet potato noodles and the famous Korean pickled cabbage Kimchi and a special Christmas cake. In Vietnam they eat traditional chicken soup, roasted goose or duck, Christmas pudding, and sometimes accompanied by sticky rice and a chocolate log.

In most African Countries, Christmas is about stews, chicken, rice, goat and chin chin.

Christmas in Latin America is a sensual explosion with lots of aromatic goodness wafting out of the kitchen. Traditional dishes are served like slow roasted pork, salted cod fish, pannetone, rich milk desserts and cake.


Fromatech´s Christmas Flavours

Starters / Side dish flavours

Grilled Vegetables, Roasted Garlic, Truffle, Walnut

Caviar, Prawn, Crab


Main course flavours

Lamb & Cranberry, Roast Beef & Horseradish, Grilled Pork & Prune, Roasted Chicken, Labneh & Mint

Salmon, Lobster


Dessert flavours

Panettone, Custard, Saffron, Gingerbread, Dark Chocolate, Sparkling Wine, Pina Colada

Wild Blueberry, Wild Raspberry, Pomegranate



These flavours are suitable for various applications, contact us for all your flavour related questions.



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